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Local Attractions

Parke County has several attractions and historic sites to visit while you are enjoying your stay with us.

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Historical Communities

Parke County is proud of it's heritage and preserves it well, evident in historical sites like Bridgeton 1878 House and Cabin, Bridgeton Mill, Parke County Courthouse, Parke Countyís Covered Bridges, Mansfield Roller Mill, Wabash & Erie Canal Historical Tour and many more.

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Outdoor Recreation

Parke County has a variety of indoor and outdoor activities from fun for the whole family to quiet, serene getaways for couples. Whether itís exploring one of the state parks or relaxing on the water, youíll be able to enjoy a time where you can truly relax and experience the beauty that surrounds you. Raccoon Lake State Park, Turkey Run State Park, Rockville Lake Park and Canoeing on Sugar Creek are just a few of the options you'll find in Parke County.

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Covered Bridges 

With a total of 31 covered bridges, Parke County is known as the "Covered Bridge Capital of the World".  At one time Parke County had a total of 52 1/2 bridges.  The 1/2 bridge was owned in cooperation with Vermillion County as it sat half in each county crossing the Wabash River.

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Amish Country

Several Amish families have moved to Parke County from Pennsylvania to retreat back to a more rural community.  The families have purchased many farms in the area.  Many families raise dairy cattle.  You may also see their horses and mules which are used as their means of transportation as well as the power for their farm equipment. The Amish do not use tractors or cars, nor do they have electricity in their homes.  They use gas for their lights, for the engines that run their milking equipment and to pump water.

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Bridgeton Mill

Case 1822 Cabin